17 May 2011

My Big Brother

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My Big brother is a raging bull,

he thinks that he is the best.

With his big height and devil horns,

he thinks he is incharged of everything.

He will crash the house if chealsea get beat by united,

becasue he hates the red’s and loves the blue’s.

He takes me off my game and i cant get it back,

and if i try or if i cry he’ll give me a big SMACK.

By Benny Bisuta Lopo


5 Responses to “My Big Brother”

  1. 6p Says:

    good poem benny is that grant

  2. 6p Says:

    This poem is really good.
    By Courtney

  3. 6p Says:

    from molly

  4. 6p Says:

    by molly

  5. 6p Says:

    This is a good poem

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