17 May 2011

Dreaming Skys

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I fell through a doorway on my way to school

and I found myself in a land that was full of jewels

some of them were gold and some of them were pink

I saw stars shimmering in the murkey land

while the gold jewels played blind mans buff

with the silver jewels I dont think I was enjoying myself 

but it was so hard to get out for nothing it is quiet what

it seems in the land called dreaming skys.


5 Responses to “Dreaming Skys”

  1. Ana Says:

    WOAH !!!
    badra imagen if that really came true 😀 !
    i would be like where am i !!!
    but the most important thing is i really like your poem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 6p Says:


  3. 6p Says:

    Its really good

    from nada

  4. 6p Says:

    This poem is a really good poem.

  5. 6p Says:

    Very good poem barda

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